San Joaquin County Environmental Health Department (SJCEHD)

Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) Training Classes

The following CUPA training classes are available on the following dates.

Training Classes


Advanced Hazardous Waste Management

This training expands on the 4-hour Basic Hazardous Waste "Basic HW" training class. In addition to topics covered in the "Basic HW" training this class also covers recordkeeping requirements related to hazardous waste, in depth waste identification and classification, land disposal restrictions and in depth tiered permitting requirements for waste treatment.

Attendance in the Basic Hazardous Waste Management class is a prerequisite to attend this class.

Dates Available: 04/26/2022 8-hour


Auto Industry Hazardous Waste Management

Training covers waste identification and management procedures for hazardous waste typically generated in the Automotive Repair Industry.

Dates Available: 02/02/2022 2-hour


Basic Agricultural Environmental Management

Training provides an introduction to environmental regulations that affect the Agricultural Industry, including Hazardous Materials Business Plans, storage of petroleum products, and hazardous waste management.

Dates Available: 02/17/2022 4-hour


Basic Hazardous Waste Management

This training provides a general understanding of the basics of hazardous waste management. Training covers waste identification, container and tank management requirements for Large, Small and Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators, basic hazardous waste shipping requirements and an introduction to tiered permitting.

Dates Available: 02/01/2022 4-hour, 03/29/2022 4-hour, 04/12/2022 4-hour, 05/24/2022 4-hour, 05/24/2022 4-hour, 06/14/2022 4-hour


Basic Hazardous Waste Management (Spanish)

Este curso proporciona una comprensión general de los fundamentos de gestión de residuos peligrosos. Entrenamiento cubre requerimientos de administración identificación, envase y depósito de residuos grande, pequeñas condicionalmente exentos pequeños generadores cantidad, requisitos de envío de residuos básicos y una introducción a niveles que permitan.

Dates Available: Currently no dates scheduled. To Be Determined. Please call (209) 468-3427 for more information.


Department of Transportation (DOT) & Hazardous Waste Manifest

This training is for companies that ship hazardous waste regulated by the Department of Transportation. Training covers identification of the DOT hazard classes and divisions, use of the DOT Haz Mat table, selection of proper shipping name, proper packaging, marking, labeling and placarding for DOT regulated waste shipments and the proper completion, distribution and retention of the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest for waste shipments.

Dates Available: 03/08/2022 8-hour, 06/15/2022 8-hour


Hazardous Material Business Plan for Restaurants

This program covers Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP) reporting requirements and completion and submittal of the HMBP via the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) for restaurants that have carbon dioxide cylinders on-site.

Dates Available: 03/29/2022 2-hour


Hazardous Material Business Plan/CERS

This program covers completion, submittal and employee training requirements for facilities that are required to prepare a Hazardous Materials Business Plan because they store hazardous materials at their facility. Program will include navigating and using the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS).

Dates Available: 05/10/2022 4-hour


Operating an Underground Storage Tank-Owner/Operator

This program covers the responsibilities for facilities that operate Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), and covers inspections, recordkeeping and training.

Dates Available: 05/11/2022 4-hour


Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans for Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act (APSA) Sites

This course highlights the state regulations for facilities that store >1,320 gallons of petroleum products (fuels, oils, solvents, etc.) in aboveground tanks. Training covers regulated facilities and materials, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans, recordkeeping, and training requirements.

Dates Available: 04/12/2022 2-hour, 06/14/2022 2-hour


Universal Waste Management

Training covers identification of Universal Waste, spill response, proper storage, labeling, shipping, recycling and recordkeeping requirements.

Dates Available: 02/02/2022 2-hour, 05/10/2022 2-hour


For class sign-up and location information, please call Kimberly at (209) 468-3427 or e-mail

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